Sep 12, 2010


  1. Go to and click the "Download" button.
  2. Select the preferred client type of uTorrent to download it to your computer. The suggested one is the stand-alone version. If you are a computer novice, it might be best to use the installation program version.
  3. Install the program. If you downloaded the stand-alone version, extract the executable to a preferred location on your computer.
  4. Run uTorrent. It is best to maximize the program window if it does not begin in maximized form. This way you can more easily view the large amounts of information the program displays.
  5. Download Torrent Files

  6. Browse to a site that serves torrent files and peruse their list to find a file you want to download.
  7. Click the link that provides you with the .torrent file. This file type will be recognized by uTorrent if you've set the option for it to do so. If it is not opened automatically by uTorrent, then save the .torrent file to your hard drive

  8. Run uTorrent and click "Add Torrent..." from the File menu. Select the .torrent file you saved in the previous step. The download item should appear in the main window. Once the program has found peers that are serving the file, it will begin downloading the file to your computer.

    Creating and Uploading Torrents

  1. Make sure the file you want to serve to the public is valid, playable (if it is a media file) and does not contain viruses or other malicious programs. It should also be a file that is legal to share with others. (Unless you can handle the lawyers!)
  2. Run uTorrent and select the file you wish to share in the "Select Source" box. It is best to provide tracker URLs. These will be the URLs of sites where you want your .torrent file to be uploaded. The site where you downloaded your first torrent files is a good one to use.
  3. Check the "Start Seeding" box if you want your uTorrent client to start uploading the file to the network once peers connect to you. If you don't do this, the file won't propogate to the Torrent network.

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